Aluminum-plastic recycling line pay attention to environmental protection

Author:Suny Group

The rapid social development make the increasingly serious environmental problems, pay attention to the development of energy conservation and environmental protection equipment, protect the ecological environment become the focus of attention. Aluminum-plastic recycling line with energy conservation and environmental protection, high intelligent degree, able to deal effectively with medicine for aluminium plate, food packaging bags, aluminum foil and other aluminium products, improve the recycling utilization of metal, reduce the waste of resources, and reduce the pollution to the environment.

Aluminum-plastic recycling line adopts the method of electrostatic separation, because the whole process of a high degree of automation, save work time, the complete process is mainly electricity, no chemicals, no heating, has no effect on the environment.

Through aluminum-plastic recycling line sorting out plastic after purification treatment, quality and color will not change, plastic is fine granular, can be directly processing and manufacturing plastic products. Aluminum consumption is very low, more than 99.9% of the aluminum was sorting out, the activity of aluminum is not affected, aluminum particles can directly add aluminum products processing, etc.

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