Aluminum-plastic recycling line can deal with a large of waste aluminum-plastic

Author:Suny Group

Aluminum-plastic materials are widely used in food, medicine, decoration and other fields, Aluminum-plastic pieces because of its good performance have become important packaging materials, used for decoration of demand in our country at present still grew at an annual rate of 20%, aluminous model is in great demand on pharmaceutical packaging, in many places the waste aluminum-plastic only as a garbage incineration. Both increased environmental pollution and waste a lot of resources.

Of high purity aluminum in aluminum-plastic material, aluminum and PVC plastic separation and recycling, no matter from the perspective of resource recovery and environmental protection, has extremely important meaning, aluminum-plastic recycling line use of grinding for aluminium powder and electrostatic separation, the separation of complex aluminum and plastic. Aluminum-plastic recycling line can be used for the separation of various aluminum-plastic plate, waste aluminum-plastic decorative materials, aluminum-plastic plate under the Angle of the plate material, medicine, capsule, food packaging bags, milk bags, toothpaste bags and other composite hard material.

The emergence of aluminum-plastic recycling line, not only save a large amount of material resources, but also protect the environment, produce considerable economic benefits.

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