Hot Selling Metal Crushing Granulating Machine

Author:Suny Group

Metal Crushing Granulating Machine is a kind of advanced breaking equipment. This series of products are basic on advantage of various crushers, fully apply impacting, cutting, mutual striking, grinding principle, then developed. When the machine is working, pop cans can be fine crushing in broken cavity, high output, low energy consumption, high efficiency, discharging fine grinding and uniformity. And this machine is low noisy, non-pollution, operation simply, maintain convenient.
structure features
Meshing blade, breaking pop cans thoroughly.
• Using the special cutting blade and the hardness is not less than HRC55. (The HRC hardness of the files set is 51).sturdy and durable.
• Strong structure, densely covered reinforced ribbed slab, ensure tank body strong.
•Can providing automatic conveyor for charging.
•High capacity, low power consumption, high efficiency, fine grinding discharged evenly.
•Low noise, free from contamination, easy to operating and easy maintenance.
•Design motor rotating with reduce box.
•Equipped with conveyor and charging equipment.
•This machine has comprehensive controlling button, operation easy and safe
•There is safe mark labeled on the machine body to ensure safety operating.
•Strength structure, densely and enhanced gusset, which can ensure the strong of the case.
•Controlled by the atomized buttons, it is very safe and convenient.Security identifier and mark,which can ensure the safety of the operation.
Metal Crushing Granulating Machine Specifications
1.can crusher
3.Hot selling all over the world
4.For:pop can,zip can,tin can,bottle can,aluminium can
Metal Crushing Granulating Machine Application:
•The pop can crusher, mainly service for old and useless or discarded materials reuse market and large scale discarded material recycling market. It can crush iron paint kettle, aluminum paint kettle, iron tin can, and paint can into pellets and granular.
•After crushed into small piece, then it is easy for transportation
•And also for sake of recycling for reuse purpose.
•Used for crush the Aluminum can, metal pail, metal can, drink can.
•This machine has been used in some company which recycles the hardware successfully,and win the consensus praise of clients from home and abroad.