Recycling machinery electronics equipment

Author:Suny Group

Description of the recycling machinery electronics
Dry miscellaneous line copper meters machine is specially process automobile electrical route,communication cable, etc.Various kinds of Φ 20mm in each gear cables and under strip line machine is not suitable for processing various impuritycables, crushing processing after,earthquakes with water separation, screen separation.Copper and plastics can beseparated completely, and achieve the purpose of utilization, with high economic efficiency. No dust and no secondary pollution.In addition, this device is the overall modular structure, easy to install and debug, and Transport (Customers can produce plug-in power bought later), performance and stability.
Specifications recycling machinery electronics:
Power         30-40kw
Capacity  500kg/h
Granularity 0.5-30mm
Feed inlet size 500*150mm
Features of the recycling machinery electronics:
Through actual operation test, the equipment has the characteristics of stable operation, high efficiency, high degree
of automation, good work environment and so on.the recovery rate of is more than 96%, wired in stability in productivity can be up to scale of 3000 tons.