Copper Cable Recycling Machine

Author:Suny Group

Copper cable recycling machine is called wire granulator / cable granulator / copper wire recycling machine / copper wire granulator/ copper cable recycling machine / copper cable granulator, etc..
It is used to grind and shred scrap copper wires and cables and separate copper and plastics to get clear copper.
Scrap copper wires and cables this machine can deal with include telephone wires, computer wires, automobile wires, tele-communication cables, etc..
Copper cable recycling machine features:

1. Diameter Range of Wires Processed: 0.3-25mm.

2. Purity of Granules: 99%. 

3. Mounted on common steel base for easy portability. 

4. Easy to move, place and install.

5. Environment-frendly with dust collection system, no water is needed for the processing.