Most popular waste tyre recycling machine

Author:Suny Group

waste tyre recycling machine is a new hot highly profitable green project, which can convert waste tires/rubber/plastic to treasure (75% rubber powders, 25% steel wire, 5%fiber)
Why more and more people are willing to invest this new project?
As we all know, rubbish (such as waste tire, waste plastic, waste rubber etc.) are increasing every day
------ How to dispose of these waste?
At the same time, natural rubber resources are decreasing every day
 ------ How to deal with the problem?
We use green technology (waste rubber regeneration line)  recycling waste to resourse
Waste rubber is the rubbish once throw , so how to dispose it become more and more important. The production line we produced ,can save your cost and  return the waste rubber to useful materials, it is in accordance with the " turn the waste into wealth". Morever, the waste rubber do not through anywhere and protect the environment from polluting.
It isabsolutely environmental friendly and creat great profits for you.This is a very high profit new project. We have successfully exported more than 15 countries and regions, such as Russia , Qatar, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Thailand etc.
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