What is the purpose of the Cable Wire Recycling Machine

Author:Suny Group

The role of the dry copper rice machine: As one of the environmental protection equipment developed in the era, the market has affirmed the role and value of the copper rice machine, but the copper rice machine equipment is still unknown by a few people. What is the purpose of the rice machine? What is its function? Dry copper rice machine is suitable for all types of wires and cables, such as: communication lines, floral lines, miscellaneous lines, automotive lines, single branch lines, multiple branch lines, woolen threads, etc. It has the advantages of high recovery rate, easy operation and automatic control. The daily processing capacity is 3-50 tons, and the equipment configuration can be adjusted according to the production needs.

The technological process of the copper rice machine equipment includes: sorting, feeding, primary crushing, secondary crushing, vibration separation, adjusting the angle of the vibrating screen according to the copper content and wire diameter, after vibration screening, the copper rice grains and plastics will be selected and separated; The material in the mouth flows into the suction pipe, and is sent to the crushing through the circulating air pipe; the suction pipe above the vibrating screen sucks the plastic fibers and other dust in the vibrating screen space to the dust removal device for processing; copper and plastic are processed from different materials Outflow from the mouth, the purity of 99% copper can be separated, and there is a 99% recovery rate in the sorting process.

Value analysis of dry copper rice machine: The function of the dry copper rice machine is mainly to separate metal and plastic from waste wires and cables. It uses environmentally friendly methods to treat waste wires and cables without pollution, completely discarding the old-fashioned separation method The problem of serious environmental pollution. So what is the use of the metal and plastic after the separation of the waste wires and cables? The metal after the separation of the waste wires and cables after the copper metering machine is copper particles. The copper particles can replace electrolytic copper as raw materials to produce metallurgical products, copper foil and Copper clad laminates and other equipment, the copper rice machine is a new type of renewable resource recovery equipment, which also effectively solves the current crisis of my country's resource shortage. The plastic separated by the dry copper rice machine can be extruded to make recycled plastic particles, used to make shoe soles, plastic shoes, etc. or add a part to make cables, and now artificial leather is also useful for PVC, or mouse, keyboard Such high-tech products, it seems that the plastic separated from waste wires and cables also has great uses.