How to deal with those parts of the Cable Wire Recycling Machine that are easy to break?

Author:Suny Group

Because the Cable Wire Recycling Machine is some mechanized equipment constantly working, there will be problems, but during the operation process, we have summarized some main parts that need maintenance and how to deal with problems that are prone to occur. Please pay attention before operating the Cable Wire Recycling Machine A few questions:

1. Don't blindly unload the material when feeding. Feed the material according to the condition of the sub-shredder, so as not to hold the machine mouth.

2. There is a bit of oil leakage in some places but the oil stains are not obvious. If there is no oil stain within five minutes after the oil stains are wiped off, the oil leakage should be handled in time.

3. Before turning on the Cable Wire Recycling Machine, check that everything is in place and start pressing the start button.

4. If there is an abnormality, you can't stop or insist on waiting for this point. After the waste line is processed, you can't report a fluke when shutting down. You should immediately press the emergency stop button.

5. After stopping the machine, check that each part is not sloppy, and replace it with a new one if it is worn out.

6. The Cable Wire Recycling Machine has one of the following conditions, or one oil leakage point has more than three drops of oil per minute, it is a small Cable Wire Recycling Machine with serious oil leakage.