Production line configuration and separation technology of waste circuit board recycling equipment

Author:Suny Group

Circuit board recycling equipment is an environmental protection equipment for processing and processing waste electronic waste, solid waste, waste circuit boards, waste copper clad laminates and other electronic waste.

Complete sets of equipment for discarded circuit boards and circuit boards. Methods of recycling equipment and materials for circuit boards. Environmental technology is the development trend of electronic waste disposal. The process of SUNY GROUP circuit board recycling equipment adopts dry physical crushing and sorting. Completely dry separation system; its technology is advanced, no new problems will be generated in the production process,

Such as pollution to the environment. No waste gas or sewage is produced, no noise pollution, the main core equipment adopts a noise shielding room, and the production noise of the workshop meets the safety production standard.

The dust passes through the filter system to meet environmental protection standards, safety protection and other technological design.

The first-level crusher of circuit board recycling equipment uses double-roll or three-roll electrostatic and shear crushing methods to cut large pieces of discarded circuit boards, and the second-level crusher (fine crusher)

It crushes materials with a particle size of 20 mm. The technology used is a mixed crushing method of rotary shearing and hammering to perform secondary crushing of materials of a certain size.

To ensure that the particle size after crushing meets the technological requirements, it is equipped with a variety of vibrating feeders suitable for uniform feeding of thin layers of different materials. Circuit board recycling equipment production line equipment configuration: (l) Belt conveyor: 2 sets; (2) Primary crusher: 1 set; (3) Secondary crusher: 1 set; (4) Magnetic separator: 1 set ;

(5) Screw conveyor: 6 sets; (6) Crusher: 1 set: (7) Density sorting machine: 2 sets: (8) Cyclone separator: 2 sets; (9) White heavy backwash dust collector :2 sets;

(10) Dust collection connection unit: 2 sets.

Density screening process of circuit board recycling equipment: In the case of the same material size, the materials with different densities in the mixture can be separated by the vibration and air separation process.

The sorting is carried out in a closed cavity, so the environmental pollution is small, and the technology is mature, and the sorting effect is good.

Circuit board recycling equipment sorting technology: using magnetic separation, density sorting, electrostatic sorting technology, through the application of combined sorting, different particle size,

Different stages of iron, non-ferrous metal copper and non-metal are sorted out, which can greatly improve the recycling rate;

In order to reduce noise, special design should be adopted at the guard plate and interface of the crushing equipment, and shock-absorbing materials should be installed;

In order to cool and remove dust, air jets are set in the blanking side of the two-pole crushing equipment, and air outlets are set in the crushing chamber.

Loose materials to facilitate crushing, cooling and dust removal. The addition of dust removal equipment can effectively collect the powder of poultry precious metals and is environmentally friendly.