Waste circuit board crushing and sorting process

Author:Suny Group

Circuit board recycling equipment crushing and sorting waste PCB boards, including disassembly unit, crushing unit, primary air separation unit, iron removal unit, grinding unit, fine iron removal unit, air separation unit, high voltage electrostatic separation unit, dust and waste gas disposal unit , Central control unit; after disassembling and pulverizing the circuit board, through primary air separation, primary iron removal, grinding, secondary iron removal, air separation separation, high-voltage electrostatic separation and other processes, the purity of the copper-containing metal is 99.5% Rich collective. Circuit board recycling equipment can be used to recycle the available resources in the process of processing circuit board copper clad laminate frame material waste PCB board, large-scale processing and recycling, and meeting various recycling requirements!

Gongyi Jixin's waste electronic waste PCB board crushing, shredding, crushing and sorting system is characterized by a dismantling unit, a crushing unit, a primary winnowing unit, an iron removal unit, a grinding unit, a fine iron removal unit, and a winnowing separation unit , High-voltage electrostatic sorting unit, dust and waste gas disposal unit, central control unit. The crushing and sorting process is:

1. In the disassembly unit, remove the electronic components containing precious metals on the circuit board and the electronic components with a height greater than 30mm;

2. In the crushing unit, the disassembled circuit board is crushed to particles with a particle size of less than 2mm through two-stage crushing

3. The primary winnowing unit separates the non-metallic particles in the crushed material;

4. The iron removal unit removes iron from the materials after the primary air separation;

5. The grinding unit grinds and crushes the material after iron removal once to particles with a particle size less than or equal to 0.8mm;

6. The fine iron removal unit performs a secondary iron removal on the ground material to remove the magnetic material in the material;

7. The winnowing separation unit carries out winnowing and grading of the materials after the secondary iron removal to separate the light materials, and the separated metal powder and heavy materials are transported to the next process;

8. The high-voltage electrostatic sorting unit separates resin fibers from metal powder and heavy materials through secondary sorting, with a purity of 99.5% copper-containing metal-rich group;

9. The dust and waste gas disposal unit is used to treat the flue gas and dust in the process of dismantling, crushing and sorting;

10. The central control unit realizes interlocking control of the entire system.

In addition: the equipment should not be touched with corrosive liquids and objects, for example: sweat can simply cause rusting of equipment parts. If the equipment is not used for a long time, apply anti-rust oil to the transmission system and rust-prone parts of the mask machine.

These are what we need to do after purchasing the mask equipment. This will allow the mask equipment to work for us for a long time. Folding mask machine