Waste circuit board recycling equipment,circuit board separator

Author:Suny Group

Circuit board recycling equipment, namely circuit board separators, circuit board separators, and electronic waste disposal equipment, are used to decompose and separate the circuit motherboards in televisions, computers and other electrical appliances that contain metals and non-metals such as copper, tin, and aluminum. Process. Waste circuit boards include waste copper clad laminates (CCL), waste printed circuit boards (PCB), printed circuit boards with integrated circuits and electronic devices (generally called waste circuit boards).

Circuit board recycling equipment is a set of processes that disassemble and separate scrap circuit boards into metal and non-metal. After the circuit board with electronic components is detinned and disassembled, the components are removed (the components are classified and processed separately). The circuit board completes the dissociation of metal and non-metal through coarse crushing, iron removal and fine crushing, forming a mixture of metal and non-metal, and entering the airflow specific gravity screen to extract most of the metal.

The circuit board fiber powder sieved by the specific gravity of the airflow contains a small amount of fine metals (about 2-5% content), and then the remaining fine metals are extracted to achieve the maximum metal recovery rate (close to 100%). Circuit board disassembly, decomposition and sorting equipment, combined with airflow specific gravity screen, the metal recovery rate can reach more than 99%. The complete set of equipment is completely dry decomposition and sorting, and adopts a pulse dust collection system, which will not cause pollution to the environment. Our company can customize large, medium and small decomposition equipment for customers.