Production process of automatic Cable Wire Recycling Machine production line

Author:Suny Group

The automatic Cable Wire Recycling Machine has a novel structure, environmental protection and energy saving, one-time feeding, intelligent production, and effectively completes the separation and recycling of copper and plastic during the cable crushing process. The equipment not only improves the quality of recycled copper, but also plays a role in plastic recycling. Wires and cables are waste materials with high utilization value in the scrap metal recycling industry. There are many types of wires and cables on the market, including wires and cables, miscellaneous wires, communication cables, household appliances wires, and industrial cables.

The automatic Cable Wire Recycling Machine equipment can process the waste wires and wires through cutting, peeling, crushing, screening and other processes. The separated copper maintains the original quantity and quality and is fully automated. Automatic Cable Wire Recycling Machine mainly uses airflow sorting machine, or air shaker or electrostatic sorting and other more environmentally friendly methods for sorting. The main technological process is: crushing-air separation-dust removal-specific gravity separation-(electrostatic separation); the metal extraction equipment of the waste mixed wire cable grinder adopts dry crushing and crushing to make the waste cable, After the raw materials such as electric wires are crushed and crushed, they become a non-metallic separation process such as metal and plastic. The equipment can be fed uniformly, and the intelligent operation makes the operation easier, saves time and effort, and ensures the stable operation of the equipment to a large extent. It is the most advanced technology for gold extraction of waste and miscellaneous cables in China.

The pure copper rice grains recovered by the automatic Cable Wire Recycling Machine can be used to manufacture copper foil, copper clad laminates, metallurgical products, etc. after a special heat treatment process, which is an ideal raw material to replace electrolytic copper. The Cable Wire Recycling Machine equipment can solve the problem of waste copper wire and waste cable treatment to a large extent, and has advanced production technology. It is a modern waste wire and cable recycling equipment. However, as for the sales of copper rice, as long as there is more material and good quality, we can provide the purchased company manufacturers. The purity of copper rice determines its price and sales.