What are the main items required for the operation process of the twin shaft shredder

Author:Suny Group

The twin shaft shredder is a large shredding device. Sometimes there are many precautions when using the operation. At this time, the shredder needs to be standardized. So today we will analyze the matters that need attention.

What are the main items required for the operation process of the twin shaft shredder?

1. The distribution table of the dual-shaft shredder should enable the operator to see the operation of each part. The distribution table of the electric mixer should be covered with rubber board or dry wood board, which should be fastened firmly.

2. The dual-shaft shredder checks the transmission organization, operating equipment, brakes, etc. to ensure normal operation. The large gear ring, pulley and other parts should be equipped with protective covers.

3. The aggregate standard of the twin shaft shredder should be consistent with the function of the mixer.

4. The dual-shaft shredder adds lubricating oil to the worn and rolling parts such as the large gear ring and runway.

5. The dual-shaft shredder operates empty. The operation and braking of each work equipment must be recognized as normal before operation. It is forbidden to extend the head or hand between the hopper and the frame to investigate or probe the feeding situation.

6. During the feeding of the dual-shaft shredder, do not reach into the mixing drum by hand or tools during the operation, and it is forbidden to work or walk under it.

7. When the hopper of the two-shaft shredder is raised, the pillow of the hopper should be set at the bottom of the pit. When arranging the pit, the hopper must be fastened with a chain.

8. The feeding of the dual-shaft shredder into the mixing drum should be carried out during the operation. The addition of new materials must first unload all the original concrete in the mixing machine before proceeding. It is not allowed to stop halfway or start the mixing machine when it is at full load.