Waste circuit board recycling equipment solves metal separation and improves environmental pollution

Author:Suny Group

With the rapid development of technology, after years of research, a circuit board recycling device has been developed. This device uses a dry physical separation method to effectively recycle some electronic waste, while ensuring that it does not pollute the air and water. , Is currently the ideal recycling equipment. It is strongly recommended by the state to encourage the development of environmental protection equipment. All use dry separation physical separation method, without any exhaust gas, waste water, waste residue emission, low carbon and environmental protection. In the process of recycling waste circuit boards, we can apply every point. First, large objects are separated separately from the tin on the tin removal furnace, and then enter the disassembly machine to separate the components from the light board, and then enter the host of the circuit board recycling equipment. After crushing, dust removal and separation, the effect of metal and non-metal is finally achieved.

The waste circuit board recycling equipment and the waste circuit board grinder can effectively recycle the waste of circuit boards and other electronic waste. Abandoned circuit boards are not waste, but new resources to be developed. Circuit boards have high recycling value. The metal grade in epoxy printed circuit boards is equivalent to tens to hundreds of metal grades in common minerals. The metal content is as high as 40%. In addition to copper, there are also gold, aluminum, nickel, lead, silicon metals There is no shortage of rare metals, and the content of mineral-rich metals in nature is only 3 to 5%. The copper and precious metals resolved from them can be sent to metal smelters as raw materials; other such as glass fibers and resins can also be used as fiber reinforcement Use of materials or fillers; its waste residues can also be used as building materials.

The performance characteristics of waste circuit board recycling equipment and circuit board crushing equipment.

1.The complete production line of circuit board crusher equipment has a novel and unique structure, large production capacity, low power consumption, one-time feeding, and multiple machines;

2. The complete production line of circuit board crusher equipment is controlled by PLC;

3. The waste circuit board recycling equipment completes the recycling rate of copper in the waste circuit board through separation equipment as high as 99%;

4. The entire production line of waste circuit board recycling equipment adopts dry crushing, crushing and sorting of waste circuit board regeneration processing to make it into a mixture of metal and resin fiber powder;

5. Waste circuit board crusher equipment separates metal and resin by wind and electrostatic separation. In order to prevent dust pollution during processing, a cloth bag dust removal device is added after the wind separation process to effectively solve the problem of dust pollution. ;

6. The waste circuit board crusher equipment has added an automatic control device to make the entire process flow methodical;

7. The circuit board crusher equipment effectively reduces manual operations, reduces energy consumption, has no pollution emissions, and improves work efficiency;