This knowledge must be known when buying a Cable Wire Recycling Machine

Author:Suny Group

Cable Wire Recycling Machine is a machine used to crush waste copper wire to separate copper from plastic.

Cable Wire Recycling Machine belongs to environmental protection machinery. Although each manufacturer's Cable Wire Recycling Machine has its own structure and style. But generally speaking, Cable Wire Recycling Machine can be divided into: 1, dry Cable Wire Recycling Machine. 2. Washable Cable Wire Recycling Machine. The Cable Wire Recycling Machines produced by Liande Environmental Protection Technology include Cable Wire Recycling Machines and dry Cable Wire Recycling Machines. Washable Cable Wire Recycling Machine and large Cable Wire Recycling Machine are more widely used to meet your different needs.

First of all, what is the dry Cable Wire Recycling Machine?

The waste wire and cable recycling line is also called dry Cable Wire Recycling Machine. This Cable Wire Recycling Machine is upgraded on the basis of the original dry Cable Wire Recycling Machine. The dry Cable Wire Recycling Machine sold by Zhengzhou Liande has a reasonable structure. , Easy operation, stable operation, intelligent control, high productivity, only one feeding can be completed by multiple machines to assist the operation. Equipped with separation equipment, the processing capacity is large, and the material separation effect is good, which can not only solve the shortcomings of incineration and copper extraction, but also improve the recovery quality of copper and plastics.

The water-type Cable Wire Recycling Machine mainly uses gravity shaker separation, wet separation, copper-plastic separation is clean, no dust pollution, no waste water is eliminated, the noise is small, the performance is stable, the characteristic is that it can recycle miscellaneous wires, plug wires and wool yarns, etc. , Very widely used.

The main indicators for measuring the Cable Wire Recycling Machine are the purity of the copper rice, the amount of copper remaining in the plastic skin, power consumption, environmental protection and production costs. There are many types of Cable Wire Recycling Machines currently used in China, and the grades are different. The main problem is that the small-scale and processed copper rice has low purity and cannot be used directly as refined copper. In addition, the residual copper in waste plastics is higher, which not only makes copper The recovery rate is reduced, and the use grade of waste plastics is reduced, while causing pollution to the environment.

Therefore, energy-saving Cable Wire Recycling Machines will seize business opportunities and become the mainstream of the market. The energy-saving Cable Wire Recycling Machine is mainly manifested in 1. No dust and no secondary pollution, play a role in protecting the environment; 2. Set a variety of advanced technologies in one, reduce human costs, improve production efficiency, and have higher economic benefits. Therefore, it can meet the current market gap and cater to market demand.