The comprehensive utilization of waste circuit board recycling equipment is high, and the added valu

Author:Suny Group

The previous methods of recycling waste circuit boards generally use direct burying or incineration, water washing, splitting and other methods. These will produce toxic substances, which are easy to cause serious pollution to the environment such as air or soil. The national environmental protection policy is an alternative. Circuit board recycling equipment has created a new situation in the development of electronic waste recycling, truly realized the recycling of resources, turned waste into treasure, and created good economic and social benefits.

The most notable feature of this method of using waste circuit board recycling equipment is environmental protection, high comprehensive utilization, and large added value. It is the future development trend of waste electronic waste treatment.

The design of waste circuit board recycling equipment is rational, the production process is unique, and the degree of mechanical automation is high; all the production and processing logistics from raw materials to equipment production and processing to output rate are carried out in a closed mode, and the production environment has no other environmental pollution ; Disposal capacity can be planned and designed according to customer needs; metal recovery rate: 93% to 98% of the dust and exhaust gas formed during the entire production process through orderly collection and centralized treatment of environmental protection facilities, all can meet comprehensive environmental standards, while noise and vibration pass The soundproofing, noise reduction and environmental protection treatments fully comply with noise standards.

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