Environmental protection recycling equipment waste circuit board broken recycling production line

Author:Suny Group

With the continuous expansion of the production and consumption of global electronic products, the annual generation of electronic waste has also increased dramatically. According to UNU research, the global e-waste production was 44.7 million tons in 2016 and is expected to reach 52.2 million tons in 2021. Such a large quantity, if not effectively disposed, will cause serious environmental pollution. Circuit board crushing and recycling equipment is an environment-friendly equipment for recycling electronic waste resources and has a broad market prospect.

On the other hand, these electronic wastes (including used circuit boards and used circuit boards) also provide the possibility of recycling economy. Waste electrical appliances contain a large number of recyclable non-ferrous metals, plastics, glass and reusable parts, etc., and their recycling has broad prospects. Relevant investigations revealed that 145 kg of copper, 0.5 g of gold, 40.8 kg of iron, 29.5 kg of lead, 2 kg of tin, and 18.1 kg of nickel can be separated from 1 ton of electronic boards collected at random. The prospect of decomposition and recycling is very broad. Relevant industry insiders said that the technology of e-waste recycling and treatment has been relatively mature, and there are no technical obstacles to recycling. The mining of e-waste "mines" has become a reality.

The waste circuit board has special physical properties. The circuit board crushing and recycling equipment adopts a dry crushing and separation process for the regeneration processing of the waste circuit board, so that it can be regenerated into recyclable metal powder and resin fiber powder. First, the waste circuit board is crushed into a powdered metal and resin fiber powder mixture; then the metal component is separated from the resin by wind to obtain a recycled product. In order to prevent dust pollution during the regeneration process, a pulse dust removal device was installed after the wind separation process to effectively solve the dust pollution.