Total Reclaim’s New CEO to Focus on Rebuilding the Brand

Author:Suny Group

Bobby Farris, CEO, Total Reclaim noted that the owners of the company should not be judged for life for the worst mistake they have ever made. He added that people must be given a second chance. Commenting on the prospects of the company, Farris expressed confidence that he could bring the company back to where they can be proud of again. The efforts will be focussed on rebuilding the brand, he added.

The new CEO announced that the company will continue its presence in the Anchorage, Portage and Seattle regions. It plans to soon move its Portland facility into a smaller space. Further, the employees would not be punished for the mistakes done by the owners, he added. Incidentally, the staff strength of the company has fallen to 65, which is nearly half the employee strength at its peak days.

Farris stated that he will put in all efforts to implement a better process in place, which in turn would help in rebuilding the business. The revamp of the company asks for change in some of the business models. He justified his decision to stick with the brand, saying that he don’t want to appear as hiding from the past.