LG Electronics Augments Responsible E-Waste Recycling Campaign

Author:Suny Group

LG Electronics announced launch of new campaign in India to raise awareness about responsible disposal and recycling of electronic waste. The ‘GreenCycle’ campaign aims to reward customers with incentives for returning their end-of-life electronic items for recycling. LG Electronics will ensure that all the collected products are discarded in an environment-friendly manner.

The campaign will accept old electronic devices including air conditioners, televisions, washing machines and refrigerators, irrespective of brand, from customers. In return, the customers will be rewarded with complimentary gift vouchers, which can be redeemed at any LG Electronics retail outlets in the country.

The program offers assured cash back of up to INR 6,000 on Paytm payment system for customers who return their old devices in return for purchase of a new one. Those who do not wish to purchase new products will get benefitted with assured cash back of up to INR 4,000, upon returning their old products.

The customers who want to exchange their old electronic goods need to register their product at any of the nearest dealer shops. The take back customers need to do the registration by calling up LG call center. In both the cases, the units would be collected from customer’s house within one week. The items thus collected will be sent to a certified electronics recycler for safe disposal.

Until now, LG Electronics has collected approximately 700 units of old electronics of various brands for recycling.