Kohl’s Announces New Partnership with How2Recycle

Author:Suny Group

Kohl’s announced it has joined the How2Recycle label program in an effort to help customers be more informed about their recycling decisions.

As part of the company’s sustainability efforts to reduce waste and conserve resources, Kohl’s has partnered with the How2Recycle label program to help customers more easily determine how to recycle select materials through the program’s smarter label system. How2Recycle is the only North American-based program that offers its members a customized recycling assessment for each individual package.

“We’re excited to announce our new partnership with How2Recycle as part of our commitment to sustainability efforts. With the program’s thousands of different labels, the partnerships will provide Kohl’s with insights on how to improve the recyclability of our packaging and materials,” said Steve Thomas, Kohl’s chief risk and compliance officer, in a statement. “The program is just one further way we’re able to leverage the strength of our store footprint and customer base to make an impact on recycling—a key piece of our sustainability efforts—and leave a smaller footprint.”

Kohl’s diverts 83 percent of waste from landfills with a goal of 85 percent and recycles more than 130,000 tons of materials each year. In 2018 alone, Kohl’s recycled more than 7 million pounds of plastic film, bags and wrap from shipping, store operations and customers.