SC Johnson Offers Innovative Products to Combat Plastic Waste

Author:Suny Group

Family-owned household products company SC Johnson is offering a simple solution by asking consumers to swap the same products they already use for concentrates that reduce plastic waste. Concentrate products—cleaning products, specifically, in SC Johnson’s case—can be combined with tap water in reusable bottles, minimizing the packaging and transport of containers that are mostly filled with water. “Every single time you use a concentrate bottle, you use nearly 80 percent less plastic waste,” CEO Fisk Johnson, a fifth generation member of his family to lead the private company, said in statement.

SC Johnson is no stranger to the concentrate game. The company first released a concentrated version of its Windex window cleaner back in 2011 and has since steadily expanded its refill options to other popular cleaning brands, including Pledge, Scrubbing Bubbles, Shout and Fantastik.

The new line of SC Johnson concentrates will roll out in the U.S. and Canada starting this month. The items will hit Amazon and other e-commerce retailers—including Target and Walmart websites—first, according to the company. The next wave of concentrate refills, including Scrubbing Bubbles, Windex and Mr. Muscle, will be available online in Mexico starting in July and in the United Kingdom a month later. China and Japan will follow in September.

The company claims its reusable trigger bottles deliver more than 10,000 sprays and can be refilled dozens of times. This simple swap is a light lift for the consumer, and it can make a big impact, according to the company. “Refilling with a concentrate is a small change that could make a real difference in minimizing plastic waste,” Johnson said.