DS Smith Sponsors New Initiative Aimed at Boosting Plastics Recycling

Author:Suny Group

DS Smith has sponsored a new initiative aimed at raising awareness on the need and benefits of plastic recycling. It has joined a group of companies in sponsoring the European Facebook page Are You R, officially supported by Crain and Plastics Recyclers Europe (PRE).

Are You R is a campaign on social media aimed at making the European population aware of the importance of recycling plastic, through a series of photos, testimonials and funny animations films. The campaign was initially launched by four companies-Fimic, Filtec, Gamma Meccanica and Tecnofer in collaboration with PRE.

The campaign focuses on several themes including identifying ways to reduce the amount of plastic waste going into oceans and landfills by promoting reusability, collection mechanisms and recyclability at the end of their useful life. DS Smith will focus on educating the public and other companies in the importance of choosing reusable over single-use products, which in turn leads to significant savings and energy and resources. Estimates suggest that only 14% of plastic packaging around the world is recycled.

The new initiative focuses on devising ways to collect, recycle and repurpose the used plastic packaging into new products and encouraging the public to adopt the new model. More investment is needed in educating consumers and in developing the collection infrastructure to promote reuse. By joining the initiative, DS Smith pledges to invest more in recycling and collection systems.