AISI: U.S. Steel Import Permits Soared 5%

Author:Suny Group

The American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) reported notable surge in steel import permit applications for the month of March this year.

Based on the latest Steel Import Monitoring and Analysis (SIMA) data published by the U.S. Department of Commerce, the import permit applications totaled 2.677 million net tons (NT) during the month, significantly higher by almost 5% when compared with the prior month. The February 2019 permits had totaled 2.549 million NT. The permit applications for finished steel totaled 1.825 million NT, modestly up by 3.6% from the SIMA permits total of 1.762 million NT during the prior month.

The cumulative steel imports by the U.S. during the initial three months of the year totaled 8.704 million NT, whereas the finished steel imports totaled 6.038 million NT. The above figures are inclusive of SIMA data for February and March this year. The total steel imports were up marginally by 0.1%. On the contrary, finished steel imports recorded 11.7% decline when compared with Jan-Mar ’18.

The SIMA data for March 2019 suggests notable surge in imports of black plate, reinforcing bars, heavy structural shapes, steel pilings, structural pipe and tubing, cold rolled sheets, hot rolled bars, sheet and strip and all other metallic coatings and plates in coils. The permits for black plates were up by 187%.

The products with significant jump in imports during the first three months of the year include black plate, line pipe, steel piling and tin free steel. The largest offshore suppliers during Jan-Mar ’19 were South Korea, Japan and Germany.