Cable wire recycling machine application and performance

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 Cable wire recycling machine application and performance

Cable recycling whole set equipment (Cable granule separation equipment)- To process waste cable and wire. Get the copper separated from waste cable and wire through crushing and gravity separation process, no copper at plastics and no plastics at copper. No incineration and pollution. It is in compliance with EHS standard, no harmfulness to workers, eco-friendly solution for waste recycling.

Automatic process, stable performance, easy for operating, easy to maintenance, high recycling rate. Patent number: 200420059021.2.

Small-scale wet cable recycling machine system

Cable recycling machine system is for all types the power plug, computer cables, grease cable, with characteristics of compact structure, easy-to-operate and good performance. Water within wet gravity separation system can be recycled. Cable recycling machine system is for small-scale production.

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