The Annual Amount of Waste Electrical Appliances is Over 100 Million

Author:Suny Group

In recent years, professional household electric appliances recycling institutions have increased. However, because the lack of recycling channels, many consumers have chosen to sell waste household appliances to small vendors who do not have professional ability. Expert said that the current home appliances recycling system has made great progress, but the public awareness has not followed, the convenience of the recovery operation is not enough, there are still a large number of waste and old appliances can not enter the regular recycling channels, which requires the "last kilometre" work to be done in place.

Data from the China Institute of household electrical appliances showed that in 2017, 109 enterprises dealing with waste electrical and electronic products in China were basically flat in 2016, with a scale of about about 79000000. It can be predicted that in 2017 alone, there will be at least 20 million discarded appliances which are not disposed by formal enterprises. Behind these figures, besides the waste of resources, there are risks to human and environment.

In fact, many old appliances contain a lot of recycled resources such as plastic, rubber, glass and other recycled products, and the waste electronic products contain precious metals such as gold, silver and copper. Through regular recycling and processing, we can make the most reasonable use and minimize the harm. The recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment is a good way to benefit the country and the people. But once in the "Mountain Lu", we find that the road ahead is rather rough and tortuous.

Now, under the disposal fund system of discarded electrical and electronic products, the industrial scale of the waste electrical and electronic recycling processing industry in China has increased rapidly, the number of regular dismantling enterprises has increased rapidly, and the recovery and utilization of resources has been greatly improved, and good social and environmental benefits have been reaped. It is reported that at present, China's waste electrical and electronic recycling fund is taken "from the amount of quantitative" collection method, the fund is mainly the producer of electronic products in China, mainly including electronic producers with independent brands, and producers who have no independent brand but product for others.