Scrap Export Trade Data for the Month of November 2018

Author:Suny Group

Major scrap exporting countries including Russia, Canada and Singapore have published the scrap export trade data for the month of November last year.

Russia exported around 430,000 tons of scrap during the month. The combined exports until Nov ’18 totaled nearly 4.8 million tons. The largest proportion of exports went to Turkey. The exports to that country totaled around 2.2 million tons, accounting for 47% of the total Russian exports. The second largest importer was Belarus, whose imports from Russia totaled 940,000 tons. In third place was South Korea with imports of 850,000 tons. The other key export destinations were Greece (130,000 tons), Spain (80,000 tons) and Egypt (70,000 tons).

The Canadian scrap exports totaled nearly 350,000 tons in November 2018. The country’s exports stood at around 4.6 million tons during Jan-Nov ’18. Nearly 67% of the exports from Canada were destined to the U.S. The U.S. imported 3.1 million tons of scrap from Canada. The exports to Turkey totaled 700,000 tons, followed by Mexico with around 130,000 tons. Taiwan (120,000 tons), Brazil (100,000 tons), India (90,000 tons) and Bangladesh (80,000 tons) were the other main importers of scrap from Canada.

As per trade statistics, Singapore exported around 62,000 tons of scrap in Nov ’18. The monthly export hit the lowest level in three months. During Jan-Nov ’18, the country exported around 720,000 tons. The primary export destination was Indonesia, which accounted for nearly 28% of the total exports. The exports to that country witnessed dramatic rise by almost one-third over the previous year.