How can We Reduce the Dust Pollution Caused by the Metal Shredder?

Author:Suny Group

Metal shredder is one of the common equipment for recycling and recycling of scrap metal. In addition to a small amount of dust on the material, the equipment will also produce a certain amount of metal dust in the crushing of metal materials, which will not only cause harm to the human body, but also under certain conditions. There may even be an explosion, so to avoid this, you need to find ways to reduce metal dust.

There are three ways to reduce the dust generated by metal shredders:

1. Dust is generally fine powder. It will diffuse into the air without treatment, and it becomes a source of explosion. It is very dangerous. It only needs to add an appropriate amount of water to the torn metal material to greatly reduce the dust production. 

2. equipped with a water bath type dust collector, which is different from the general dust collector, the water mist inside absorbs the dust generated during the operation of the shredder, and then flows out through the water to reduce the dust concentration in the air;

3. Regular inspection, cleaning, maintenance and repair of various parts of the equipment will greatly reduce the amount of dust and improve the working efficiency of the equipment.