How to Solve the Problem of Metal Shredder Motor Failure

Author:Suny Group

The motor is an important power device for the metal shredder. If the motor fails, it will affect the power output, resulting in a decrease in production efficiency. If the motor is found to have abnormal noise or other faults in the use of the two-axis shredder, it needs to be solved in time to ensure that the motor source continuously outputs power, so that the production efficiency of the equipment is continuously maintained.

The following is a brief introduction to the possible causes and solutions for the abnormal noise of the motor. It is hoped that it can help the customer solve the motor failure of the double-shaft shredder and ensure the efficient production of the equipment.

After the metal shredder power is turned on, the motor can't start, but there are some possible causes: (1) The power supply is not fully turned on to achieve single-phase start (2) the motor is overloaded; (3) the mechanical jam is dragged; 4) The winding circuit of the wound motor is broken into a broken line; (5) The position of the first end of the stator is connected incorrectly, or there is a disconnection or short circuit.

Treatment method: (1) Check the power line, motor lead line, fuse, switch pairs of contacts, find the disconnection position, and eliminate it; (2) no load or half load start after unloading; (3) check is dragged Dynamic machinery to eliminate faults; (4) Check the joint condition of each contactor of the brush, slip ring and starting resistor; (5) Re-determine the first and last ends of the three phases, and check whether the three-phase winding has a string and a short circuit.