Which Reason Cause Shredder Strong Vibration

Author:Suny Group

For the Shredder, various problems and hidden dangers will occur during the pulverization process. Let us understand the reason why the Shredder has strong vibration:

1. The hammer is installed incorrectly in the repair assembly. In order to prevent the rotor weight from losing balance, all the hammers in the crusher must be replaced uniformly, otherwise strong vibration will occur during operation.

2. The difference between the weights of the two sets of hammers exceeds 5 grams. The method of elimination is to adjust the weight of the hammer so that the difference between the two groups of weights is less than 5 grams.

3. Individual hammers are stuck too tightly and do not open during operation. After stopping, you can turn it by hand and find a way to make the hammer rotate flexibly.

4. The weight of other parts on the rotor is not balanced. At this time, it is necessary to carefully check the adjustment balance separately.

5. The spindle is bent and deformed. The solution is to straighten or replace.

6. The bearing clearance exceeds the limit or is damaged. It is generally necessary to replace the new bearing to solve the problem.

7. The bottom corner fixing nut is not fixed or loose during operation. The solution is to tighten.