How to Solve the Dust Problem in Waste Wire Processing Process

Author:Suny Group

At present, the waste cable wire copper rice machine plays an important role in the recycling of used electric wires, and is also an environmentally-friendly resource recycling device widely used in the market.

The waste cable wire is mainly composed of wire and copper. When the cable wire are stored for a long time, there will be a lot of dust. In the process of disposing of waste electric wires, the copper rice machine will crush and sort the cables. In the process, dust and dust will appear, and the dust is mainly fine plastic fiber powder.

The dry copper rice machine produced by Suny Group has been continuously improved, using advanced dust removal devices to improve dust collection efficiency. The improvement of the copper rice machine equipment reduces the dust pollution of the environment, does not generate dust and noise during the production process, and separates the copper and plastic wire of the waste cable into copper rice and plastic particles, which greatly improves the The recycling efficiency of copper has brought considerable economic benefits to our customers.