Difference between Dry Copper Cable Recycling Machine and Wet Copper Cable Recycling Machine

Author:Suny Group

The copper cable recycling machine is a machine used to separate copper from plastic by crushing copper wire. Because the copper is separated like rice. Therefore it is called a copper cable recycling machine. Copper cable recycling machine is a kind of environmental protection machinery. There are more and more manufacturers producing copper cable recycling machines in China in recent years. Although the copper cable recycling machines of various manufacturers have their own structures and styles. But in general, copper cable recycling machine can be divided into: 1, dry type copper cable recycling machine. 2. Wet copper cable recycling machine.

Dry type copper cable recyclinge machine

The so-called dry type copper cable recycling machine refers to the copper cable recycling machine that does not need to add water during the sorting process. Such copper cable recycling machines are mainly sorted by a gas sorting machine or a more environmentally friendly method such as electrostatic sorting. The main process flow is: crushing - air separation - (electrostatic sorting) - dust collection.

Wet copper cable recycling machine

Wet sorting is a more traditional method. The idea of this sorting method mainly comes from beneficiation. The wet type is mainly sorted by gravity shaker. The main process flow is: pulverization and (water addition)-gravity shaker (adding water). Due to the use of water in the production process, this method generally causes a small amount of secondary pollution to the environment, but it can be effectively recycling miscellaneous wires, plug wires and wool threads, etc., are widely used.