Reduce Dust During Waste Wire Processing

Author:Suny Group

The recycling of used wire and cable has become the main source of domestic copper resources. Therefore, the reasonable and effective recycling of used copper wire has become a popular processing industry. The emergence of copper wire recycling machines has changed the previous processing technology and increased the processing capacity. At present, the waste wire and cable copper wire recycling machine plays an important role in the recycling of used electric wires, and is also an environmentally-friendly resource recycling device widely used in the market.

The waste wire and cable is mainly composed of wire and copper. When the wire and cable are stored for a long time, there will be a lot of dust. In the process of disposing of waste electric wires, the copper wire recycling machine will crush and sort the cables. In the process, dust and dust will appear, and the dust is mainly fine plastic fiber powder.

The dry copper wire recycling machine has been continuously improved, and a closed dust removal device has been added to the main body of the pulverizer to facilitate dust collection; the air intake pipe is extended, and the air with high dust content around the copper wire recycling machine equipment is replaced by clean air to avoid clogging of the screen. ,Improve work efficiency. The improvement of copper wire recycling machine equipment reduces the dust pollution of the environment, does not generate dust and noise during the production process, and separates the copper and plastic wire skin of the waste cable into copper rice and plastic particles, and solves the metal. Separation problem with plastic.