The Workflow of Copper Wire Recycling Machine

Author:Suny Group

The copper wire recycling machine is a waste wire processing device and belongs to the field of mechanical technology. It solves the problems of low working efficiency and poor smashing effect of the existing waste wire processing device. The automatic copper wire recycling machine is advanced in design and adopts an integrated structure to save space and work stably and reliably. After the waste wire and cable is broken by the pulverizer, it becomes plastic granules and copper rice. After the plastic particles and copper rice reach the vibrating screen through the conveyor, the core skin is separated by the air suction and the linear excitation of the vibrating screen bed, so that the waveform is jumped on the screen surface, and the copper rice, plastic and plastic are formed. The mixture is sent from different discharge ports, and the dust is sent to the dust collector through the air duct for collection. The vibrating screen can be controlled by frequency conversion, and the vibration frequency is adjusted according to different working conditions. The air volume is adjusted by the regulating valve.

Advantages of copper wire recycling machine equipment: low equipment investment, low energy consumption, low operating cost, high efficiency and no loss, all metal wire and plastic skin are recycled. The technology is simple, easy to master, does not involve complex equipment and technology such as high temperature, ultra-low temperature, high pressure, combustion, no pollution, no pyrolysis, no toxic substances that are not allowed to be discharged.