Recycling of Used Circuit Boards

Author:Suny Group

 There are more and more waste household appliances, waste PCB printing boards, waste circuit boards and circuit boards in the market. Its main component is composed of epoxy resin fiber and copper. The printed circuit board (PCB) contains a lot of metal copper. One of the attachments with high added value in electrical appliances, its resource recycling has always been a hot spot of waste electronic waste recycling.

At present, there are three treatment technologies for waste circuit boards, one is heat treatment, including incineration, cracking, direct smelting, etc.; the second is chemical treatment, including pickling, dissolution, etc.; the third is physical and mechanical treatment, including crushing and sorting. At present, the internationally promoted method is a physical method, which has the characteristics of low investment and small environmental pollution. The efficiency of pulverization, the life of the crusher, the ability to peel metal materials from non-metallic materials, etc., are the key to the pulverization technology.
Circuit board recycling equipment also uses electrostatic separation technology. The electrostatic separation technology is clean and environmentally friendly. The electrostatic separation equipment is truly green and environmentally friendly, and will not cause any secondary pollution. The equipment is reasonable in design, sturdy and durable, not easy to damage, occupying less land, and having less investment. It is a good equipment for health, environmental protection, energy saving and safety. It can realize the separation and separation of e-waste technology without complicated process control.