The Significance of Waste Wire Recycling

Author:Suny Group

China's current development requirements are sustainable development, environmental protection and energy conservation, requiring the recycling of waste materials to achieve minimal or even zero pollution. The disposal of waste wire and cable has always been a concern of the national environmental protection. How to make full use of waste wire and cable without polluting the environment is the main central purpose. The appearance of the miscellaneous copper rice machine solved the problem in a timely and well-resolved manner. The successful development of the copper rice machine improved the quality and quantity of the recovered copper, while avoiding the environmental pollution caused by incineration and copper extraction. It is a professional waste. Wire (cable) separation and recycling equipment is a new star to save the waste wire and cable and promote the environmental protection cause!

In the past, copper recycling was caused by incineration and water washing, which caused pollution. It is forbidden to burn now. The miscellaneous copper rice machine is specialized in the recycling of waste wire and cable. The recovery rate is up to 99%. It can recover pure copper. It can completely separate copper and plastic. It is ideal for recycling used wires. Preferred device. With the replacement of copper rice machines and wire strippers, used cables can directly become raw material copper for industrial production.

The waste wire copper rice machine equipment is a professional crushing and recycling wire, the copper inside the cable is crushed by 99% of the recycled metal, and the remaining plastic can be reused to make the product. The waste wire is a very good project to make copper rice profitable.