Common Solutions for Abnormal Sound of Copper Wire Recycling Machine Motor

Author:Suny Group

Copper wire recycling machine is specialized in recycling various kinds of cable wires and wire stripping machines, such as automobile wires, waste miscellaneous wires, communication cable wires, etc., which are not suitable for further processing. After a period of time, the machine may fail due to lack of regular maintenance. The small scope wire recycling machine is also the same. The motor plays an indispensable role in the small copper wire recycling machine, so if the motor fails, the small Copper wire recycling machine can not work normally. Therefore, we will introduce the abnormal sound of the scope wire recycling machine motor and the solution:

Fault 1: The voltage is too low.

Solution: Repair the circuit, the cable must meet the requirements, and ensure the voltage is around 380V.

Fault 2: Uneven feeding.

Solution: Uniform cutting, one time feeding should not be too much or too little, too much will block the crushing chamber, too little will waste resources and affect efficiency.

Fault 3: There is a problem with the motor or bearing of copper wire recycling machine .

Solution: Stop first. Then, the cause of the abnormal sound of the small copper rice machine motor and the solution to the bearing are repaired and replaced.

I hope that the above solutions can help everyone, and I hope that everyone can use the small copper wire recycling machine strictly according to the method of use, and carry out regular maintenance and maintenance on the small copper wire recycling machine to reduce the frequency of failure of the small copper wire recycling machine. If you have any questions about the purchase of the copper wire recycling machine, please fell free to contact us, we will provide you with a comprehensive service.