Introduce the working process of copper cable wire recycling machine

Author:Suny Group

Due to the more and more serious environment problems, many countries have realized the importance of environmental protect. As we known, cooper cable wire has wide application in many fields. Therefore, how to handle the waste cooper cable wire becomes the urgent problem. 

With the advanced and upgraded technology, Zhengyang has produced the cooper wire recycling machine with most advanced technology. It is mainly used for processing waste communication cables, car cables, computer cables, telephone cables, home appliances wires and such these no oil pollution cable.

The first shredding machine is used to break material into 3-5cm length, then after the second crushing machine granulate the plastic and copper is separated bu the high precision air separator, the plastic again through the electrostatic separator separation, to make sure that the cooper recovery rate. 

This production line structure is novel, unique, large quantity, and less consumption, and own the high separation rate, once feeding, multimachine collaboration such these features.

This plant all controlled by PLC, which is leading level in the domestic. The successful development of this machine solve the problems of the arising from the burning method for cables, can can improve the quality of the recovery of copper, and plastic can be recycled, at the same time solve the environment pollution.