candy vending machines Solve the technical design of the soft sealing gate valve friction

Author:Suny Group

A technical background :

Existing valve body, valve cover and the parts are intact , only the sealing surface is slightly deformed or corrosion , the valve can not be used . Repair these valves are non-professional factory can not, and so caused a great deal of waste . The use of units of the valve of hope : the seat , the valve sealing surface is not easy to deformation ,candy vending machines, corrosion resistance, the wearing of the sealing material can be changed . Valve plate with the sealing surface in the open and close when the do not have friction or minimize friction and to avoid the shortcomings of the soft sealing gate .

Second ,candy vending machines, the invention aims : < / p>

To solve the corrosion or deformation of the sealing surface of the valve seat and valve plate ,candy vending machines, valve plate can automatically compensate for pressure close the cover and soft sealing gate valve between the pressure of self-balancing problem , solve the soft sealing material by friction and damage the sealing surface . gland of the valve can be changed , greatly increase the use of valves .

Practical range : < / p >

Diameter φ50 - φ400mm pressure 2.5 - 4.0MPa , less than 200 ℃ ,candy vending machines, room temperature liquid

Fourth, the technical program :

The valve for double parallel gate valve ,candy vending machines, inlet seals , inlet valve plate -based sealing gland and unloading valve plate gate . Gland synchronized move with the valve plate of the unloading force but not connected to the pipeline pressure through the valve plate of the unloading force ,candy vending machines, leveling arm is passed to the export side of the seat , which will greatly improve the binding force of the soft sealing surface . Outside of the valve plate and corrosion-resistant rubber gland . The soft sealing material in the opening and closing process , with the valve seat to maintain a certain distance, the soft sealing material in the environment without friction and fold pressure . Gland components within the pipeline transportation of liquid and the spool will be isolated from the liquid corrosion and impurities blocking . This valve sealing material replacement is very convenient, so service life is five times higher than the general gate valve .