Latest waste circuit board recycling line

Author:Suny Group

Latest waste circuit board recycling line is a kind of new recycling device, main effect is used in electronic waste recycling at present more and more, in order to extract metals from waste.

Latest waste circuit board recycling line recycling raw materials:

Raw materials can make the current household appliances, such as TV computer motherboards, mobile phone board, plate freezer, air conditioning board, radio board, printing plate, coated copper/copper clad laminate, etc.

Latest waste circuit board recycling line advantage

1. The metal recovery rate can reach 98%, achieve full use of waste.

2, the noise is small, can control within 80 decibels.

3, Latest waste circuit board recycling line does not cause any pollution, such as air pollution, water pollution, pollution, toxic substances.

To avoid dust pollution in the process, equipment is also used by pulse dust removal equipment.

The electronic products renewal speed greatly accelerated, acceptance of new things for people is becoming more and more quickly, resulting in a large number of old appliances discarded, but currently engaged in electronic product recycling plant is very little, so this is a very good investment projects.

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