Self-propelled Thermoplastic Line Marker Machine Main parameters

Author:Suny Group

Self-propelled Thermoplastic Line Marker Machine Main parameters:

Engine: Robin 6.0HP or Honda 5.5HP
Driving speed: forward 0-4km/h, backward 0-3.2km/h
Max climbing ability: 5° 
Glass beads tank: with window; capacity: 14L
Marking width: standard 150mm (options: 100, 120, 150, 200, 250, 300mm)
Marking thickness: adjustable, 1.5-3.0mm
Paint tank: heat insulation tank made of stainless steel or cold rolled antioxidant steel; capacity:120kg; equipped with vertical vane-type hand stirring device
Heating temperature: controlled according to different paints (180-220°C)
Measurement: L 1200mm * W 850mm * H 1100mm
Weight: 230KG (marking shoe 150mm included, gas tank not included)
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