rubber pyrolysis plant the main composed parts

Author:Suny Group

Rubber pyrolysis plant the main composed parts:

(1)Feeding-in system:
The raw material can be waste tyres, rubbers or plastic. If your raw material is plastic, we suggest that you use the auto feeder. If your raw material is waste tires, we suggest that you use belt conveyor.
(2)Pyrolysis system:
The reasonable thickness, it is easy to heat and easy to be cool down.
(3)Heating system:
There are various kinds of fuel, such wood, charcoal, coal, LPG etc.
(4)Deducting system:
They usually have one or two equipments for deducting, we the three, desulfurization scrubber, water film cyclon and the advanced bag deduster.
(5)Impurities removing system:
There are two devices for removing the impurities from the oil gas, one is gas separate tank, the other is depositing tank.
(6) Cooling system:
We have the new design for the cooling system; it has better cooling effect and high oil yield.
(7)Oil Store system: For store the oil.
(8)Waste gas recycling system:
It is also named water seal, it has two effects, and one is for the gas separate tank, the other is depositing tank.
(9)Carbon black discharging system:
The carbon black is coming out automatic; there also has a screw conveyor for removing the carbon black.
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