cable wire recycling machine operating steps

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Cable wire recycling machine operating steps

1, start Please confirm all the Plants in good condition,with earth connection. Please clear up excess stock before getting the Plants started,no load for 5-10 miniutes (Attention:please starting up machines in proper sequence→suction fan1→suction fan 2→blower-feeding blower →riddler→mainframe Attention:please shut down machines in proper sequence→ Riddler→blower→suction fan1→suction fan 2→feeding blower→mainframe)
2,Infeed Please clear up iron from the mixed cables, get the crusher started,infeed according to the crusher’s capacity. 
3,fine crushing Crushing and separating cables(5-10cm )come from number 2 conveyor, if any abnormal noise,please stop and open the crusher, inspecting or changing screen,if any plant run hot,please stop it and inspect. 
4,vibrating and separate 1,scrap stuff after crsushing,the material will be delivered to separator via feeding fan. The copper from Vibrator are complete copper,the copper from the feed opening need second crushing. Note:if problem in separting, terms of settlement: If see plastic in copper granules,please adjust the wind power of the Vibrator,bottom wind power,adjust vibration frequency,wind power of dust absorption.
  1, If there still has plastic in copper,pls check filter screen,please clean the dust. 
  2: If output is too low,please inspect. 
  3, If copper granules output quantity is becoming less,please inspect the vibrator,please brush off the copper granules in the vibrator’s screen.
  4, Before get the vibrator started or turning off,please make sure the vibrator's frequency return to zero,otherwise the next time vibrator starting will have the riddler damaged.
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