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Introduction about fuel oil waste tyre recycling machine

Time:2014-01-06 16:42 Author:Suny Group

Introduction about fuel oil waste tyre recycling machine 

1) Using 245R boiler steel and the thickness is all 16mm.(The thickness would be adjusted according the requirements of the customers). The main engine uses horizontal-type of 360° structure-0.8r/min
2) Gas separator & Depositing tank, Depart the heavy oil and impurities from the oil gas to purify the oil
3) Cooling system: use Cooling pool, based on Refining theory, whatever distillation of solid crude oil or waste oil, all finish by heating to gasification and cracking, and then cooling, so there is close relationship between the yield rate and condensation. So the best and easy way is increase the area of condense and which make the biggest yield rate
4) Dusty system: Desulfurization deducting, Water film cyclone, Bag deducting Desulfurization dedusting:remove the sculpture(when use coal as fuel) and dust Water film cyclone: for the second removal. Bag deducting: to make the smoke no different from the air
5. waste gas recycling system: In the process of refining oil, when the gas is heated up to 150 , it will produce a large amount of gas-CH4& C4H8 ,which cannot convert to liquid at normal temperature and normal pressure. However, these gases can be used as fuel, which is not only environment protection but also energy conservation
6. Carbon black recycles system: Heaving dragon screw conveyor
The solid residua will be left after the catalyst splitting from scrap plastic, approximately take up 5% to 10% of the waste tire. Its main component is the black carbon, which can be used as raw materials in industry, as well could be mixed with the pulverized coal ash to produce the raw material of the thermal power plant, and also could be applied to the manufacturing of the pulverized coal ash brick (environmental protection building material)
Then, you can get the crude oil , carbon black, steel
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