waste tyre recycling machine advantages

Author:Suny Group

 52% oil output rate get fuel oil waste tyre recycling machine

1. Security: Our equipments have anti-blocking device, also have pressure gauges, alarms, safety valve and vacuum equipment. Normal operation are going on under negative pressure or ordinary pressure. In case of congestion, there will be pressure that arouses alarm, if no response from workers, safety valves will decompress pressure automatically. The device guarantees no accidents. Workers shall operate normally and check pressure gauges, alarm and safety valve pipe flow regular. To ensure safety in production, the shift workers are not free to their posts

2. Environmental protection: environmental protection includes four parts, water, slag, gas, sound

(1) Water includes two parts. First, condensing water can be recycled, water release is that pour into.no pollution, only a little high temperature

(2) Slag is by-product that can make carbon black, pastes and industry or agriculture coal after adding chemicals

(3) Gas includes two parts .First ,exhaust (Composition is methane , propane, butane) and hydrogen produced in the refining process are burned in burning furnace through the exhaust gas recovery system;second smoke dust generated from burning coal or exhaust smoke meet the emission standards of national requirements after the dust treatment of dust catcher .No odor let out during operation

(4) Noise: Noise emissions are below the national standard

3. Energy conservation: recycling of exhaust gas and science fire channel design can save energy and thereby reducing costs.

4. Long life: hot-blast stove is long life, but not energy-saving , its consumption of energy is much greater than the repair costs of furnace .Direct fired reactor is energy-saving but short life . It is a contradiction. Our engineer have tests for lots of times, and find the most suitable thickness is 16 mm,not only energy, but long life

5. High degree of automation: the advanced device, with a small forklift, conveyor and automatic feeding machine. Equipments can feed, slagging, alarm, decompress, adjust negative pressure and exhaust recycling, the whole process is automatic

6. Mature technology: oil refining is a special industry (high-profit and high-risk), technology is the key ,we are engaged in oil refining for many years and have rich experiences to ensure safety and oil yield as well as recovery

7. Guarantee with after sales service: we has Christian background, love is the heart of our culture. Selling and responsibility. Your success is our aim. We have a good reputation in the industry

8. Low cost: all costs are low because of being located at the suburbs. Advanced and complete processing equipments, almost no external processing and customer interests oriented business philosophy. It stands to reason that the price is low