Waste Tire Recycling Machine to Fuel Oil,Carbon Black Main features

Author:Suny Group

Waste Tire Recycling Machine to Fuel Oil, Carbon Black Main features

1. Professional auto-sealing technology for cover, oil outlet.
2. Heavy oil is separated which can avoid the problems of jam in later condensing.
3. Negative pressure deive will remove water steam during heating waste platics and tires, reduce and form negative pressure, more safe during operation.
4. Alarm, safety valves, thermometer, pressure gauge and safety valve.
5. It is dangerous to burning exhaust gas (C1 to C4). Our anti-back fire device can recovery them automatically, it will prevent exhaust gas from going back to reactor and causing accidents. Then connect professional burning air muzzle, return them to furnace as fuel to heat reactor, no pollution and save energy.
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