Easy Operate Used Tire Recycling Machine-Zhengyang Machinery

Author:Suny Group

Easy Operate Used Tire Recycling Machine

1).Tyre bead ring cutting off machine:
This machine main to cut the inner diameter of the tire, and cut the side of the tire to the next step of segmentation.
2).tyre strips cutting machine:
Strips cutting machine can cut cycle machine to remove the wire tire sidewall cut into strips, and the width of the adjustable section. Two circular knives for specialmaterials, hard and durable, can be used repeatedly grinding for no more than 1200 steel tires.
3).tyre rim cutting machine:
Cutting machine can cut a tire strip, cut block, tool for the alloy cutting tools, nearly 9-11 tons per day, cutting tools are not sharp and repeated grinding
4).Tire bead steel ring seperator:
Tyre bead steel ring seperator by double cell extrusion, and the two grooved roller speed differential will ring in the mouth than the wire separation, maintaining good physicalproperties of steel wire, rubber can then use it to avoid environmental pollution.