environmental waste tyre recycling machine with 100% security Main Parts Introduction

Author:Suny Group

 1. Automatic feeder

-save much manpower and time
-prevent unnecessary danger when manual feeder is used.
2. Reactor
-Main part of the equipment in which the pyrolysis process takes place
-Materials:Q245/Q345 boiler plate which can bear up to 1300 centigrade.
-Thickness of the steel plate : 16mm(WJ-8 and WJ-9) 12mm(WJ-6)
-fuel to heat the reactor: Coal,wood,fuel oil,natural gas
3. Manifold
-A transitional device between reactor and condensers
-oil gas circles into it; heavy and light oil separates here.
-The normal pressure of the manifold should be 0.01-0.02kpa
4. Condensers
-adopt water-cooling method,environmental friendly
-65 tubes are used to contain oil gas; surface is largened, cooling efficiency is improved
5. Hydroseal
-Due to the water in hydroseal, tempering of fire can be avoided
-the sulfur and other impurities should be removed in the hydroseal
 before the combustible gas recycles to the furnace and heat the reactor
-prevent the sulfur erodes reactor, lengthen its life span.
6. Dedusting system
-Three steps are used to purify the smoke coming out from furnace
-keep the released gas pollution-free