The newest crude oil refining equipment with low cost

Author:Suny Group

Detailed description :                                                                        

1.Provide the refining machine to distill fuel oil light oil

2.CE &ISO9001 certification

3.Continuous production

4.Material: Boiler steel (Q245R/345R) X16mm

5.Capacity ranges form 6-----100tons per day

6.End productions: [nonstandard diesel and heavier fuel oil] or [renewable lubricating oil and heavier fuel oil


1.Unique technology for increasing the oil output (the oil yield is not less than 90% when the water by extraction is less than 5%);

2.Reducing the fuel consumption (20 kg diesel for each ton of wast oil) and preventing coked.

3.we are good at reducing the sulfur, cloud point and color of the oil.

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