Waste Tire Recycling Equipment --Rubber Powder Plant

Author:Suny Group

Waste tyre recycling equipment 

ZY-series Waste tyre recycling plant is a new type of tyre oil treatment machine researched by our company through many times of experiment combined with the actual situation. No heating technology used in this machine, the whole treating process is going under normal temperature, it can effectively remove the tiny particles and Colloidal matter in the tyre oil, and meanwhile it can remove the odour of the oil, and finally makes the oil color looks clean and transparent and improve the economic value. It features high recycling rate, low costs of energe consumption, good oil processing ability.It is suitable for purification of tyre oil.

1) Using the process technic by combines physics and chemistry to remove the minor impurities and  colloidal substance in
the tire oil.
2) Using sand core fltering technology to wipe out all impurities and odour fleetly so as to renew the used oil’s color
and index.
3) The electrical control system adopting concatenate control setting, which is very simple, safe and reliable to use.
4) Using automatic filling system which can fill in the tire oil into process tank automatically so that decrease the
labor intensity.
5) The equipment’s structure is novel, reasonable disposition and occupying only a small area.
6) Excellent and visual treating effect and low treatment cost.