circuit board recycling machine manufacturer

Author:Suny Group

Introduction of   circuit board recycling machine manufacturer :
circuit board recycling machine manufacturer is combined  with the domesticand international advanced technology was developed.

The equipment adopts the advanced physics law recovery processes;

The developed crusher and high pressure electrostatic separation equipment innovation is strong, the recycling of the process route is advanced and reasonable. The equipment can be used for all kinds of circuit boards, computer board, TV board, aluminum-plastic plate, with copper, printed circuit board and the processing waste, such as waste electrical appliance for mechanical crushing recycling, the metal recovery rate is high, the recovery of 98% purity metal.

Working Process and Components of  scrap pcb recycling machine Production Line                   

Broken Machine _ Crushing Machine _Electrical control cabinet _(Belt Conveyor) _ Classifier _(Elevator) Separator _Feeder _Dust Removal Equipmen